Mar 14

Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is basically any practice that suggests to have the same healing effects as medicines but without scientific evidences. The usage of alternative medicine has been widely known in Asia but eventually became famous in Western countries, due to its positive feedback.

Types of Alternative Medicine


This involves taking slow breaths, and clearing the mind of all the distractions. Meditation is used commonly for relaxation and relieving stress but for others, it’s also useful for health purposes. It is believed that meditating can improve some symptoms of high blood pressure and asthma. It can also relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia.


Another type of alternative medicine is the Yoga. It is the practice of stretching and relaxing of the muscle to improve the flexibility and blood circulation of a person. Studies also show that practicing yoga could help control the symptoms of hypertension, asthma and diabetes.





One of the most mainstream types of alternate medication is the Massage. In a common lifestyle, massage is used just to unwind, relax and ease some pain, and tension. But studies show that massage can also improve the immune function Massageof patients with Human Immune-deficiency Virus. Improved immune function is not the only effect that massage offers, it can also help reduce the pain from Fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, mood issues, fatigue, and sleep memory. Massage also helps people with muscle soreness, speeding up the recovery and even improve the performance of the affected muscle.



Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines or also known as Herbalism does not just focus on plants. To some extent, it also includes shells, bees, minerals, and fungi. Some of the most popularly used herbal medicines these days is garlic, which is known to reduce the risk heart diseases and cancer. Guava herbs have also been long used as anti-microbial. Ginseng herbal medicine is likewise known as an effective energy booster, which is why it has been included as a component in coffee and other drinks.

Herbal Medicine can be prepared in many ways, either as ointment, tea, tincture, cream, oil powder, or tablet.



This method can be dated back from thousands of years from China. This practice is performed by putting needles into more than 400 points of the body to manipulate the person’s qi or the body’s natural energy flow, which could prevent or cure some medical conditions.



A relatively new, ad considered as a breakthrough in alternative medicine, Ayurveda is a combination of all the basics of alternative health including herbs, diet, and breathing exercise. This alternative health method is known to help a person gain more focus and sharper memory.

Feb 22

Peanuts, The Food For The Brain

peanut benefitsThe peanuts and peanut butter you buy on the street or in the supermarket have been found to boost brain health. Its high nutritional value comes from the bodily essentials it contains that nourish both the mind and the body. A zero cholesterol food that’s seasoned without a lot of salt makes it great as a healthy snack because it has less adverse effects on the body.

Versatility is a common description for peanuts not only does it have several by-products that can be produced from natural processes but it also provides a good amount of protein together with vital nutrients and its relatively cheaper than other food products.

Availability in the market isn’t a problem because of its high demand. You can easily find them in food stalls, the public market, and groceries around your area.

With all the vitamins, fibers, unsaturated fat, and other nutrients your entire body will get enriched with this healthy nut.

One of the biggest beneficiaries, because of the nutrition it provides, is your brain and nervous system since the vitamins and minerals you intake will have direct effects on them. Adding peanuts to your diet is really good for your heart as well because it only has unsaturated fat which will keep it healthy.

For every ounce, peanuts will give you at least 7.3 grams of protein which will account for more or less ten percent of your daily protein needs. Eating enough proteins will help your brain produce the right amount of neurotransmitters which allows it to better facilitate the communication within your body.peanuts

Dopamine and norepinephrine are a couple of brain chemicals that can be produced from the proteins sourced from a peanut snack. Having the right amount will help you stay alert and give you additional energy to last the day.

The vitamins present in peanuts and peanut butter helps condition the brain to keep it functioning at its best. The presence of Vitamin E aids in detoxifying the brain so that the neurotransmitters won’t be broken down and not be used up by the body.

An abundance of B-vitamins are in this fruit helping in the prevention of diseases and other bad effects of Vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B3, Niacin, keeps the brain young by allowing it to withstand the degenerative effects of aging that can lead to Alzheimer’s or other similar conditions.

Pregnant women can really benefit from eating a lot of peanut or peanut butter because of the Vitamin B9 (Folate) present in this food. The chances of having a great pregnancy become higher with the fetus receiving nutrition that boosts brain development. This ensures that your baby will have a healthy brain marring the possibility of any brain defect like anencephaly where the brain develops outside the head.

peanut benefits

Peanuts are also rich in potassium, copper, magnesium, and phosphorous which are 4 of the main minerals consumed by the brain so that it can produce the necessary electrolytes the body needs. In fact, a serving of peanuts will give you 10% of your daily need for these minerals allowing your nerves to communicate better because the signals are transmitted more efficiently.

Peanuts and peanut butter qualify as food for the brain because most of its benefits target the part of the body that controls all its functions. If you feel a lack of mental energy, a handful of peanuts will do the trick.


Feb 22

The Real Benefits of An Apple A Day

We have all heard the phrase, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and some of us may have tried to judiciously follow it at a certain point in time. Most of us know that an apple is a healthy fruit but not really knowing the specifics that makes it healthy.

healthy food, eating apples

Let’s shed some light on that topic to give you an idea what a whole apple will really give you. The main thing with apples is that it is rich in antioxidants and the fiber pectin. This pair-up is the foundation for what makes it healthy.

When you start juicing an apple or buy a juice drink made from fresh apples, the product has become an anti-aging drink that promotes cell replacement in the brain which prevents brain conditions like Alzheimer’s. Not only that, it also allows the body to get rid of the harmful free radicals inside the human body.

A recent study showed that there were more neurotransmitters on people who had regularly eating apples or drinking apple juice as a part of their diet. In addition, the regular intake of the high-fiber apple has been proven to strengthen the cells that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine which will eventually protect that person from acquiring Parkinson’s.

The AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) has found out that apples contain flavonol, a chemical that can aid in the prevention of pancreatic cancer.

They’ve also found that the triterpenoids found in apples, mostly from peelings, can inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors on vital organs of the body. Apple extracts have also been proven to make tumors in rodent mammary glands smaller.

benefits of apples A fiber-enriched diet from regularly munching on these red fruits will also reduce your chance of developing colon cancer or type-2 diabetes. Pectin can clean up your digestive system and flush out the extra sugars in your body stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Fibers are aids to simple digestive problems like IBS, diarrhea, constipation, and hemorrhoids. This regulates your digestion and keeps it stable without irritations and pains. Fats and oils can also be flushed a lot faster if fiber levels are high.

Asides from that, plaque build-up in the arteries can be reduced if you continue to ingest this pectin-rich fruit. What this fiber does is that it binds with the cholesterol and they together get excreted leaving a less tight arterial wall.

This also means that your cardiovascular health gets a boost. Along with that, the presence of phenol in an apple’s skin has an anti-solidifying property which prevents cholesterol from hardening and sticking to the walls of the artery or becoming gallstones.

Since an apple is filling and it doesn’t have a lot of calories, having them as a snack will help you lose weight and prevent the adverse effects associated with obesity.

All the toxins we consume go straight to the liver and if the liver has to process a lot of toxins it may have a damaging effect. An apple can help the liver by reducing the toxins that a person has in his body with its natural antioxidants reducing the stress on this important human organ.

Another function of the antioxidants (querectin) in apples is to keep the human immune system strong enough to prevent diseases. Coupled with f

iber, research has shown that cataract development will reduce by at least ten percent with a diet that includes fruits like apples.
You may opt to make an apple a staple in your diet or choose another healthy fruit. But, one thing is for sure, an apple a day really does help in keeping the doctor away.